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Our Solutions For Cities

In partnership with transit agencies, cities, states and other stakeholders, May Mobility’s autonomous vehicle solutions solve problems unique to your community, from filling transit gaps to growing ridership and revenue.

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A group of pedestrians walk across a crosswalk in a city while a May Mobility vehicle waits
A May Mobility vehicle drives along a tree-lined street
A May Mobility vehicle drives on a street in downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan
A woman and child smile at each other as they exit a May Mobility vehicle

May Mobility in Cities and Communities

We believe that autonomous vehicles are best used as part of a transit and shared mobility network. When transit agencies and cities are equipped with autonomous vehicles as key “tools” in their transit toolbox, they can expand the convenience and reach of transit for riders and future residents alike.

Our deployments in the U.S. and Japan have been in pedestrian-dense college towns, rural communities, and a broad range of other real-world, real-people, real-road environments. They're a testament to how we're committed to working alongside you—and other key stakeholders—to transform mobility in your community.

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Our Transit Approach

May’s autonomous vehicle technology helps cities of all types overcome transit barriers and connect every person and every neighborhood, creating a thriving, greener and interconnected community.

Closing the Gaps

Autonomous on-demand and circulator services create vital first- and last-mile solutions and sustainably improve connectivity, health and wellbeing in underserved areas.

Maximizing Equity

Our autonomous vehicles help increase transportation equity by enabling cities to introduce more—and more convenient—service in neighborhoods underserved today.

Turn-Key Offerings

Our turn-key services provide our partners with a ready-to-go autonomous vehicle service, including ongoing support, vehicles, operations, community engagement and regular software updates and maintenance.

Working in Partnership

We know that it takes a village. For a successful service in your community, we’re happy to work with transit agencies, cities and other key stakeholders to ensure services are well connected, meet community needs, and have growing ridership.

A May Mobility vehicle drives on a road

Autonomous vehicles are for everyone. Everywhere.

Oftentimes the focus of emerging AV technology is on large metropolitan areas. May Mobility works with cities and communities of all sizes and understands there are unique needs in each. In 2022, we launched service in the small community of Grand Rapids, Minnesota to take pressure off its transportation gaps and increase equity and accessibility among its riders. In its two first months, our autonomous vehicles in Grand Rapids drove over 15,000 autonomous miles and secured 75% repeat ridership. Twenty-four percent of rides included wheelchair users.

A photo of the May Mobility app in use on a smartphone that is held in a hand

What Sets Our Technology Apart

Our technology solves the biggest problem in autonomous driving—safely handling the unexpected—by allowing our vehicles to imagine multitudes of what might happen next. These endless real-time, on-board simulations lead to emergent behaviors that allow every vehicle to drive safely in each and every situation, no matter how unique.

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A photo of the May Mobility app in use on a smartphone that is held in a hand

Our Commitment to Safety

Riders and other road users’ safety is our top priority. Our combined sensor stack and unique Multi-Policy Decision Making platform work together to monitor the road and run simulations on possible situations and hazards far more reliably than rules-based systems. The result is a vehicle that reacts quickly with safe, predictable vehicle movements, which in turn ensures the safety of our riders—and everyone on the roadway.

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Bring May Mobility To Your Community

We love meeting transit agencies, cities, campuses, organizations and businesses where they are to bring autonomy to their mobility ecosystem—and fill their transportation gaps for the long haul. Ready to partner up? Let’s talk.

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