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With proprietary autonomous vehicle technology uniquely positioned to scale, we’re partnering with cities, transit agencies, organizations and businesses to build a safer, greener, more accessible world.

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An autonomous vehicle operator lowers an ADA-compliant wheelchair ramp on a May Mobility vehicle for an individual using a wheelchair
A May Mobility vehicle drives along a tree-lined street
Three May Mobility employees have a conversation while pointing at a computer monitor showing autonomous vehicle data

With key strategic partners, we’re on a mission to make cities safer, greener and more equitable.

In five years, we’ve given more than 320,000 autonomy-enabled rides in a diverse set of communities by deploying our customizable autonomous vehicles in collaboration with cities, state transit agencies and private enterprises. Key strategic partners, including our longstanding relationship with Toyota Motor Corporation, have provided access to auto-grade vehicles, superior service for our customers and resources for global scale.

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Future-Focused Tech

Our highly scalable core technology provides additional reliability, safety and learnings unlike any other autonomous vehicle company.

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Extensive Safety Features

Our safety features include a suite of redundant systems (ranging from redundant power to sensor communication), a robust fallback safety system, active monitoring and vehicle guidance (tele-assist) and more.

Turn-Key. Full-Stack.

Our unique approach to technology is one piece of a holistic turn-key model that includes vehicles, operations, community engagement and regular software updates and maintenance.

Designed to Adapt

Our autonomous drive-by-wire control system and autonomy stack can be applied to a wide variety of platforms—not just one auto-grade platform—to solve unique mobility challenges.

Better Data. Better World.

In addition to unlocking more potential in a variety of transit systems, our routes and vehicles collect data to benefit future planning for cleaner, safer, more accessible communities down the road.

A May Mobility vehicle drives on a sunny street

Autonomy in Action

Watch Mars, one of our demo vehicles, make an unprotected right turn, navigate a congested intersection, and pass a stopped vehicle using a remote tele-operator.

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A May Mobility employee smiles and waves while riding in a Gem vehicle

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