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Our Technology

May Mobility is building the world’s best autonomy system using its proprietary Multi-Policy Decision Making (MPDM) system, which can handle unique challenges, perform more reliably and scale faster than rules-based systems. Learn more about what sets our technology apart.

  1. Our Approach to Safety
  2. Our Approach to Accessibility
May Mobility's Toyota Sienna autonomous vehicle against a gray studio background

MPDM is the revolutionary technology that drives us.

May Mobility's MPDM system reframes the challenge for AVs: rather than telling a vehicle what to do and when—which is what rules-based systems do—MPDM continually runs real-time, on-board simulations to virtually imagine thousands of possible scenarios every second and enable a vehicle to decide for itself which action is the most safe. These endless simulations lead to emergent behavior that allows a vehicle to instantly solve every problem imaginable—and then some.

A May Mobility team member explains a concept while sitting in a passenger seat of a vehicle
Our Approach to Autonomy: Multi-Policy Decision Making

Our Commitment to Safety

Riders and other road users’ safety is our top priority. Our combined sensor stack and unique Multi-Policy Decision Making platform work together to monitor the road and run simulations on possible situations and hazards far more reliably than rules-based systems. The result is a vehicle that reacts quickly with safe, predictable vehicle movements, which in turn ensures the safety of our riders—and everyone on the roadway.

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Our Commitment to Accessibility

We’re passionate about providing equitable and accessible transportation to everyone. Using an ADA-compliant wheelchair ramp, our wheelchair-accessible Toyota Siennas can accommodate two riders in addition to a rider using a wheelchair. They can also accommodate service animals and an attendant.

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Future-Focused Tech

Our highly scalable core technology provides additional reliability, safety and learnings unlike any other autonomous vehicle company.

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Extensive Safety Features

Our safety features include a suite of redundant systems (ranging from redundant power to sensor communication), a robust fallback safety system, active monitoring and vehicle guidance (tele-assist) and more.

Turn-Key. Full-Stack.

Our unique approach to technology is one piece of a holistic turn-key model that includes vehicles, operations, community engagement and regular software updates and maintenance.

Designed to Adapt

Our autonomous drive-by-wire control system and autonomy stack can be applied to a wide variety of platforms—not just one auto-grade platform—to solve unique mobility challenges.

Better Data. Better World.

In addition to unlocking more potential in a variety of transit systems, our routes and vehicles collect data to benefit future planning for cleaner, safer, more accessible communities down the road.

A May Mobility employee working on a computer next to a May Mobility vehicle smiles at the camera
Three May Mobility employees have a conversation while they look at a computer
A May Mobility team member connects wires at a desk
Two May Mobility employees look at a large screen showing autonomous vehicle data

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A large group of May Mobility team members pose outside their HQ in Ann Arbor, Michigan

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Meet the team making a difference in the world of autonomous vehicle technology and learn more about the core values that drive us.

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