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Our Commitment to Safety

Our riders’ safety is our top priority. Our combined sensor stack and unique Multi-Policy Decision Making platform work together to monitor the road and run simulations on possible situations and hazards far more reliably than rules-based systems. The result is a vehicle that reacts quickly and correctly in every moment, which ensures a safe, pleasant trip for all riders.

A woman and her child smile as they sit in a May Mobility vehicle

Our Approach

Our approach to safety in our autonomous vehicles—one of the pinnacles of our mission and values—contains many components that work together to ensure riders' and other road users' safety. These components include a suite of redundant systems (ranging from redundant power to sensor communication), a robust fallback safety system, and active monitoring and vehicle guidance (tele-assist) at the ready in the event of unknown situations.

These critical safety components support our sensor stack and proprietary MPDM technology, which has the unique ability to predict potential hazards via constant simulations that allow our vehicles to react quickly with safe, predictable vehicle movements.

A rider sits in the backseat of a May Mobility vehicle
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Our Commitment to Accessibility

We’re passionate about providing accessible transportation to everyone. From ADA-compliant wheelchair ramps to audio and visual cues in the vehicle, learn more about how we’re continually working toward our commitment to real-world accessibility with autonomous vehicles.

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What Sets Our Technology Apart

Our technology allows our vehicles to imagine multitudes of what might happen next and make a decision more effectively than rules-based autonomy systems. We're putting this technology to work with cities and businesses all over the world to improve the convenience, safety and environmental impact of mobility.

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Bring May Mobility To Your Community

We love meeting transit agencies, cities, campuses, organizations and businesses where they are to bring autonomy to their mobility ecosystem—and fill their transportation gaps for the long haul. Ready to partner up? Let’s talk.

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