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In partnership with transit agencies, cities, states, organizations and businesses, our autonomous vehicle solutions are helping build a safer, greener, more accessible world. Through autonomy innovation, our solutions can solve real-world problems, improve people's quality of life and create more livable communities made for people—not cars.

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A May Mobility vehicle drives along a street
A woman and child load goods into the back of a May Mobility vehicle at a farmer's market
Two individuals smile as they board a May Mobility vehicle
An autonomous vehicle operator helps an individual using a wheelchair board a May Mobility vehicle using an ADA-compliant wheelchair ramp

May Mobility in Communities

With 10 community deployments to date in the U.S. and Japan (and growing!), we’ve partnered with transit agencies, cities and business to provide complementary first- and last-mile microtransit and circulator services. We understand transit challenges and gaps that exist in dense cities, suburban areas and rural communities, and our successful deployments are a testament to how we can work alongside you to transform mobility in your community.

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  • Three May Mobility employees have a conversation while pointing at a computer monitor showing autonomous vehicle data

    Shaping the future of your community's mobility with a team that cares.

    Our passionate team understands that achieving autonomy isn't easy. May Mobility is made up of experts in technology, service planning, operations, marketing, community engagement, data science and policy—and we want to be part of the journey in shaping your community's future mobility with autonomous vehicle technology.

  • An individual using a wheelchair smiles at a May Mobility vehicle parked on a sunny street

    To achieve autonomy for everyone, we go everywhere.

    From large metro areas to rural towns and from snow-covered roads to hot desert landscapes, we want autonomy for every community, everywhere. And we steer our autonomy to benefit everyone in your community—never the other way around.

  • A May Mobility vehicle drives along a tree-lined street

    Aspiring to create healthier, more sustainable societies.

    We believe autonomous vehicles have a key role to play in the future of every community—to reduce carbon footprints, minimize cars on the road and create safer, more walkable spaces.

Who We Partner With

May Mobility + Cities

We partner with transit agencies and cities to solve transportation gaps, increase access and equity and help plan for a more sustainable, resilient future.

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May Mobility + College Campuses

We provide students and staff with safe, accessible and reliable transportation at all times of day and reduce traffic congestion in and around campus radiuses.

May Mobility + Healthcare

We assist healthcare organizations in tackling their toughest mobility challenges. From maxed-out parking lots to connecting to nearby transit, we can move staff, faculty and patients to, from and around campus more easily.

May Mobility + Airports

Travelers and airport workers need to get around at all times of day. Our autonomous vehicles increase convenience, simplify staffing, and reduce costs.

May Mobility + Corporate Campuses

Staffing issues, limited parking, inconsistent ridership and inefficient solutions: our autonomous vehicles operating on your business or organization's campus can solve your biggest transportation pain points.

May Mobility + Planned Communities

Planned communities looking to reduce transportation infrastructure, add amenities and provide a fully accessible transportation experience can ensure safe, reliable mobility for its residents with our autonomous vehicles.

Two May Mobility customers have a testimonial conversation about May Mobility's service.

Why partner with May Mobility?

Hear from our partners at Ann Arbor SPARK, the City of Arlington, Prentice 4M, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, and Seamless about why they choose to work with us.

Our Strategic Partners

We're proud to partner with supporting organizations that share our values.

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A photo of the May Mobility app in use on a smartphone that is held in a hand

What Sets Our Technology Apart

Our technology solves the biggest problem in autonomous driving—safely handling the unexpected—by allowing our vehicles to imagine multitudes of what might happen next. These endless real-time, on-board simulations lead to emergent behaviors that allow every vehicle to drive safely in each and every situation, no matter how unique.

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A photo of the May Mobility app in use on a smartphone that is held in a hand

Our Commitment to Safety

Riders and other road users’ safety is our top priority. Our combined sensor stack and unique Multi-Policy Decision Making platform work together to monitor the road and run simulations on possible situations and hazards far more reliably than rules-based systems. The result is a vehicle that reacts quickly with safe, predictable vehicle movements, which in turn ensures the safety of our riders—and everyone on the roadway.

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Two professionals exit a May Mobility vehicle

Bring May Mobility To Your Community

We love meeting transit agencies, cities, campuses, organizations and businesses where they are to bring autonomy to their mobility ecosystem—and fill their transportation gaps for the long haul. Ready to partner up? Let’s talk.

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