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May Mobility, Inc. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
Transportation Policy & Complaint Procedure

Please be aware of our ADA policy.

1. Mission of Inclusion

May Mobility, Inc. provides safe and efficient autonomous demand responsive transportation services using a mobile application. As a matter of policy and commitment, May Mobility will not discriminate against any individual because of a disability and prohibits unlawful discrimination in the provision of its transportation services.

May Mobility complies with all aspects of the American Disability Act of 1990 (ADA), its implementing regulations, and state and local laws. To that end, May Mobility has designated its Policy and Advocacy Lead as the employee responsible for coordinating and implementing May Mobility's obligations under the ADA. Please contact our Policy and Advocacy Lead using the email address, phone number, or mailing address below if you have any questions about how May Mobility accommodates individuals with disabilities.

2. Complaint Procedure

This Complaint Procedure is established to meet the requirements of the ADA. It may be used by anyone who wishes to file a complaint alleging discrimination based on disability in the provision of services, activities, programs, or benefits by May Mobility, Inc. Any individual who believes they have been discriminated against based on a disability in violation of the ADA may, as soon as possible but no later than 60 calendar days after the alleged violation, file a written complaint with the Policy and Advocacy Lead.

Please use one of the following options for submitting an ADA complaint regarding your transportation experience:

  • Email: Send an email to the Policy and Advocacy Lead at [email protected]
  • Phone: Call the Policy and Advocacy Lead at: 734.369.8874
  • Mail: Mail your complaint to:
    May Mobility, Inc. Attn. Policy and Advocacy Lead,
    650 Avis Dr., Ann Arbor, MI 48108

Information That Should Be Included In Your Complaint

When contacting May Mobility regarding any act of alleged discrimination, please include the following information in your complaint:

  • Your full name, address, the telephone numbers where we can reach you during the day
    and evening.
  • If known, the name of the person you believe has committed the discrimination.
  • A brief description of the acts of discrimination, including the dates they occurred.
  • Other information you believe may support your complaint, including copies of relevant documents, and
  • Information about how to communicate with you effectively. Please let us know if you want written communications in a specific format (e.g., large print, Braille, electronic documents).

Complaint Follow Through, Conference and Outcome

Once the complaint is received, May Mobility will attempt to contact you within fourteen (14) days to discuss the complaint and possible resolution. Within 14 days of that meeting, May Mobility’s Policy and Advocacy Lead will respond in writing (and where appropriate, in a format accessible to you, such as large print or Braille) to explain May Mobility’s position and offer
substantive resolution of the complaint.

All written complaints received by May Mobility, and responses, will be retained for at least three years.

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