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Our self-driving microtransit service makes short-distance travel safe, convenient, and personal, allowing people to move effortlessly around the areas where they live and work. In the process, we bring people closer together and help support local economies, making communities more vibrant and livable for everyone.

May Mobility moves communities with autonomous vehicles

How we move you

Our vehicle fleets are built to suit your needs and provide top performance while maintaining a safe and reliable experience.

Comfort and Safety

May shuttles are designed for your streets, both public and private, and provide comfortable individual seats and belts for every rider.


On-demand or circulating routes.
Hail a ride from your phone.
Wifi optionally available in-shuttle.


May shuttles don’t just see other road users, they understand what they are trying to do.


May shuttles interact with other road users like a human driver, giving extra space to vulnerable users, passing other cars, guarding against surprises like jaywalkers.

Smart Choice

Proven GEM platform.
Environmentally-friendly electric vehicle.

Over 25 years of combined robotics and automotive industry experience

Edwin Olson, PhD


Alisyn Malek, MBA


Steve Vozar, PhD


Tom Castle, MBA

Director of Fleet Operations +

May Mobility

Team +


March 2018

  • May Mobility Demos Self-Driving Shuttle at Urban Land Institute Spring Meeting in Detroit (via Business Insider)
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  • Here's why big automakers are investing in May Mobility, an autonomous-shuttle startup (via Car and Driver)

    February 2018

    • May Mobility raises $11.5M to deploy self-driving shuttle fleets (via TechCrunch)
    • BMW and Toyota are investing in a start-up that makes self-driving shuttles (via CNBC)
    • BMW, Toyota back a driverless startup that wants to start small (via Bloomberg Tech)
    • Bringing Self-driving Shuttles to the Streets: Welcome Aboard, May Mobility (via Medium)
    • Toyota AI Ventures boots investment in sel-driving startups (via Reuters)

      January 2018

      • Cepton and May Mobility partner to accelerate the delivery of autonomous vehicles (via Business Wire)
      • Bedrock employees shuttle hands-free (via Detroit Driven)
      • U-M startup May Mobility blazes toward autonomous fleet market (via U-M)

        November 2017

        • 6 Months in Business, Autonomous Vehicles on the Road: Meet Ann Arbor's May Mobility (via Benzinga)

          October 2017

          • Bloomberg Initiative on Cities and Autonomous Vehicles - Detroit, US is piloting AVs (via Bloomberg)
          • Developer tests self-driving shuttles in downtown Detroit (via SF Chronicle)
          • Self-driving shuttles get first public test in Detroit (via Detroit News)

            September 2017

            • Autonomous shuttle bus test driven in downtown Detroit with plans to launch in 2018 (via MLive)
            • Self-driving shuttles hit downtown Detroit streets beginning Monday (via WXYZ News)
            • Self-driving shuttles to be tested in downtown detroit (via Detroit News)

              August 2017

              • May Mobility is a self-driving startup with a decade of experience (via TechCrunch)
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                May values aggressive collaboration, sweating the details, and showing (not saying) what we can do. May employees work hard and efficiently to make time for both their work and non-work passions, while the company nurtures both.

                Our engineers are system builders who not only dig deep into their strongest areas but also think and constantly learn about how all the puzzles pieces fit together.

                Our customer development and operations team knows that our ability to execute technically is only the first step; incredible service and execution are core to May’s success and ability to turn the entire transportation industry on its head.

                We love working here, would you?

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