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Women of May: Leading the charge

  • By May Mobility
  • March 28, 2024
  • Culture

At May Mobility, women across the organization are taking charge and paving the way for a more inclusive future in tech. Meet three MAYniacs who are empowering the women around them.

At May Mobility, our Women of May community is hard at work, changing the world through autonomous vehicle technology. Improving transportation takes a lot of effort across many different departments and professions. From engineering to finance to marketing and everything in between, there are lots of ways women are making a difference every day.

Here's what a few of them had to say about their experiences at May Mobility and how they support women in the workplace:

Jules Daniels, Site Autonomy Engineer

  • What do you do at May Mobility?

    I am responsible for ensuring that our Ann Arbor fleet is well-maintained and in working order! I work with both our hardware and our software to solve any issue on our autonomous vehicles. My position also allows me to function in a cross-collaborative team where I am often asking many questions to find the solution to problems.

  • What is it like being a woman at May Mobility?

    Being a woman at May is incredibly uplifting. I have seen an abundance of support, both in my professional and personal life. From both the Women of May and my peers and leaders, I have seen so much respect and appreciation. In a male-dominated field, it is sometimes difficult to have your voice heard. However, May has provided a level playing field for women to ensure they are treated equally.

  • How does your experience as a woman influence your professional work?

    Being a woman in STEM has provided me with the ability to stand up for myself and for those around me. It has made me into a confident, strong woman because I have had opportunities to learn from others and to grow to be the best version of myself. I am incredibly grateful for everything my profession has taught me and excited to see how I continue to grow in my career.

  • How does May Mobility support women?

    May Mobility has proved the women of this company have a place to grow and influence those around them. As a whole, May is a very inclusive workplace. Having many different cultures, religions, genders, etc., May tries to provide a space where everyone can feel comfortable and each person has opportunities to grow professionally.

  • How do you see your professional work benefitting other women, either directly or indirectly?

    I am a strong believer that leading by example is one of the best ways to show women and minorities that they too can achieve their dreams. I believe that during my time as an engineer, I can influence young women to pursue their own careers in a STEM field. As an individual who was encouraged by another female to pursue a STEM career, I feel it is equally important to give back to the younger generations and encourage them to find their passion in a STEM field too.

Cathy Stark, Senior Manager (Product Management)

  • What do you do at May Mobility?

    I lead the implementation of our MaaS offerings in Japan. Before that, I was the Product Lead on TeleAssist and Fleet Command Center (shout out to those teams!), primarily focusing on ensuring we can support L4 operations safely and at scale. My role involves managing the product lifecycle from conception through launch, collaborating with engineering teams to ensure our products meet market needs and safety standards, as well as engaging with customers and stakeholders to align our offerings with broader transportation goals.

  • What is it like being a woman at May Mobility?

    Being a woman at May Mobility is empowering. The company fosters an inclusive environment where diversity is not just celebrated but is considered a critical component of our success. May Mobility actively works to create a supportive atmosphere where all voices are heard, and women are encouraged to take on leadership roles and participate in decision-making processes.

  • How does your experience as a woman influence your professional work?

    My experience as a woman in tech, especially within the rapidly evolving autonomous vehicle industry, has significantly honed my resilience. Facing challenges head-on and navigating through a male-dominated field have instilled in me a strong determination to succeed and break barriers. This resilience influences my professional work by driving me to push boundaries, innovate relentlessly, and advocate for myself and others. It has taught me the importance of persistence, adaptability, and the courage to voice my ideas and stand firm in my convictions.

  • How does May Mobility support women?

    May Mobility supports women through various initiatives, including mentorship programs, leadership training, and networking opportunities designed to boost women's careers in technology and leadership. The company also promotes work-life balance through flexible working arrangements, which is particularly beneficial for women managing family responsibilities.

  • How do you see your professional work benefitting other women, either directly or indirectly?

    My work at May Mobility benefits other women directly by creating more opportunities for women in technology and leadership positions. By leading by example, I hope to inspire other women to pursue careers in STEM and to take on challenging roles in their fields. Indirectly, the products and solutions we develop aim to make urban mobility safer and more accessible for everyone, including women, which can have a profound impact on their lives by providing them with greater independence and security.

Sheryl Seitz, VP of Marketing and Communications

  • What do you do at May Mobility?

    I lead the Marketing and Communications team, which plays a central role in building a positive perception of May Mobility and improving public awareness, trust and excitement for our service. Our work covers brand and demand, market positioning, PR and social media. We work with stakeholder audiences, including press, analysts, industry influencers, investors and riders.

  • What is it like being a woman at May Mobility?

    May Mobility is a great place for women to work and build their careers. Yes, it’s an engineering-driven organization like many tech startups, but respecting and honoring diversity is in our DNA. Inclusion of people from a range of backgrounds, genders and sexual orientations is evident in the daily thread of our business, and in the number of groups and activities created by employees to educate the organization.

    We have two women in our C-suite and a female VP (me!). May strives to be a responsible, diverse employer and, judging by the feedback in our internal employee surveys, we’re doing a good job.

    Of course, this is an ongoing process and we collaborate across the company on continued efforts and ideas to bring more equity and inclusivity to women and other diverse groups.

  • How does your experience as a woman influence your professional work?

    It’s important for women to have a supportive network, and to continue to advocate for equity for women in the workplace. I like to help women coming through the ranks by mentoring and sharing my experiences.

    Women can often have intersectional experiences, meaning that other factors such as race, ethnicity, sexuality, or being differently-abled add complexity to their challenges. These women often bring additional valuable perspectives to work that drive progress and make companies more successful.

  • How does May Mobility support women?

    We have a Women of May group that offers connection and support at work. WoM offers a mentoring program for females, and the group holds online and in-person events quarterly.

    May Mobility honors International Women’s Day and we’ve given our entire team the 8th of March off to observe and respect our contribution at work.

  • How do you see your professional work benefitting other women, either directly or indirectly?

    I hope that leading by example will influence, and sharing my experience at Women of May events will be informative and influential for our female leaders coming through the ranks. I mentor female entrepreneurs at the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center and this volunteer activity is something that I value, and also believe brings value to the entrepreneurs. Female entrepreneurs are still in short supply and my personal mission is to make a contribution to help tip the balance.

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