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May Mobility recognized with a 2022 leadership award

We are thrilled to be recognized as a leader in the autonomous shared mobility industry. Based on the results of its industry assessment, Frost & Sullivan presented us with the 2022 North American Market Leadership Award. This award acknowledges our efforts to lead the transformation of public transportation through our on-demand AV microtransit deployments in collaboration with cities and transit authorities.

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We are proud of our ability to understand people’s demographics and needs and then serve them a viable solution. We work hard to identify points of interest and necessity, then develop routes that fill transit gaps and help passengers efficiently travel to where they want to go. May Mobility AVs are meant to help everyone and anyone improve their mobility. Our partnerships with cities, transit authorities and businesses allow our riders to easily plan trips to important locations and book vehicles at little to no cost.

But our solution goes beyond public transit integration; our successes are also a result of our proprietary autonomy technology, Multi-Policy Decision Making (MPDM). No other autonomous vehicle software sees and assesses its environment like ours does. It is designed to mimic human decision-making, making it more observant and adaptable. MPDM imagines thousands of scenarios every second, giving it greater capacity to determine the optimal action to take.

With over 320,000 rides across 10 cities in the United States and Japan and a proven track record in safety and customer satisfaction, we are helping to pave the way for a future where autonomous vehicles are the norm. We are committed to bringing easy and accessible transportation solutions to cities and communities everywhere.

To learn more about May Mobility and why we won the 2022 North American Market Leadership Award, read Frost & Sullivan’s award brief or contact us here.

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