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Liftango and May Mobility partner to deliver dynamic on-demand shared transport solutions with autonomous vehicles

The collaboration will leverage Liftango’s shared mobility solutions and May Mobility’s autonomous vehicle fleet to optimize shared transit across cities and corporate campuses in the Americas, Europe and the Middle East

ANN ARBOR, MI (October 25, 2023)Liftango, a global leader in shared mobility solutions, and May Mobility, a leader in the development and deployment of autonomous vehicle (AV) technology, announced today a partnership to create innovative demand-responsive transportation solutions through AV microtransit. Combining their strengths, the companies will collaborate on demand-responsive scheduling and routing optimization for autonomous fleets, aiming to make a meaningful impact on the lives of individuals by creating a safe, inclusive transit system that caters to each community’s specific needs.

The partnership will enable vehicles equipped with May Mobility’s autonomous driving technology to operate seamlessly between demand-responsive and fixed-route services, through Liftango’s technology platform. By leveraging the technology and expertise of both Liftango and May Mobility, transit agencies and commercial campuses will be able to deliver an enhanced, more reliable transportation experience. The partnership will also make it easier to expand transport services to those who currently don’t have access due to mobility issues, are located in a rural location or are subject to reduced services in their area.

“Liftango’s demand-responsive services allow us to grow our business and further scale our operating areas and we look forward to collaborating on a variety of deployments and use cases,” said Manik Dhar, Chief Commercial Officer for May Mobility. “Working together, we can create and implement innovative AV solutions for urban and rural communities, delivering turnkey AV deployments that are optimized for each location.”

“May Mobility is a global technology leader in autonomous mobility and we’re proud to partner with them to establish and scale AV deployments,” said Kevin Orr, CEO and Co-Founder of Liftango. “Integrated mobility solutions that include AVs are key to expanding access to affordable, efficient, and equitable transportation for all and our partnership with May Mobility is an important next step in our mission to bring safe, equitable and accessible transportation solutions to communities around the world.”

Liftango and May Mobility share a vision for developing smart and transformative transportation solutions. By making autonomous vehicles demand-responsive, optimally routed, and shared by multiple passengers, they can reach their full potential. The efficient utilization of autonomous vehicles can relieve congestion, improve environmental sustainability, and reduce operating costs for transit providers while expanding transportation options for consumers.

Media Contact:

Jessica Lewis-Stone, Global Marketing at Liftango
[email protected]

Brittany Lockard, External Communications Manager at May Mobility
734-369-8874 ext.1161
[email protected]

About Liftango

Liftango offers a route to a sustainable and climate-positive future by advising cities, organizations, and fleet operators on how to plan, launch and scale their shared mobility programs.

Through a single technological platform, we improve organizations’ ability to monitor and optimise vehicle movements in a more environmentally friendly manner.

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About May Mobility

May Mobility, established in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 2017, is building the world’s best autonomy system. Their proprietary Multi-Policy Decision Making (MPDM) system is at the core of their mission to help make cities safer, greener, and more accessible. MPDM’s proven track record has delivered more than 350,000 autonomy-enabled rides to date in a number of public transit applications across the U.S. and Japan. With key strategic partnerships including some of the world’s most innovative automotive and transportation companies, such as Toyota Motor Corporation, May Mobility aims to achieve the highest standard in rider safety, sustainability, and transportation equity. For more information, visit

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