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Get to know May: VP of Product Alessandro Norscia

We’re excited to introduce our new VP of Product Alessandro Norscia. His product-first approach to managing a business has helped him lead high-tech enterprises toward success and he looks forward to using his array of experiences and knowledge to further May Mobility’s vision for the future. Read on to learn about his background and plans for his new role.

A photo of May Mobility VP of Product Alessandro Norscia against an abstract background featuring the May Mobility logo

What were your roles prior to May?

I have held leadership positions in large and small high-tech enterprises in business development, product marketing and product management, including for Infineon, Qualcomm and Intel, to name a few. My experiences in the telecom, IoT, automotive and autonomy markets have given me broad exposure to industry best practices and diverse perspectives, which I apply to my job every day.

Throughout my career, my focus has always been on growing businesses through a product-first approach, with solving customer challenges at its center. I strongly believe that if the product is right, everything else falls into place. I look forward to applying this perspective to my role at May Mobility.

What brought you to May?

It’s very important to me that I can find a sense of meaning and purpose in my work and I believe that autonomy can help solve some of the world’s biggest problems. May has developed and is applying bleeding-edge autonomous driving technology for the good of communities and the environment. I cannot think of a more meaningful use for this technology.

Also, May has a great leadership team, which I consider to be foundational in the success of a company. This is particularly important as May blazes the trail in new markets and technologies.

What will you be doing as VP of Product?

I believe the product team has two main roles to play. First, to best serve our customers, we must guide our company toward the delivery of mobility-as-a-service solutions and market success by understanding their needs, challenges and opportunities. The second is to serve our internal teams by providing the vision, market insight and guidance needed to make sound investment decisions and develop winning, profitable products. This requires a combination of market intuitiveness, technological savviness and strong business sense on the part of the product team. Therefore, developing talent in these three critical areas and uniting the product team with the vision and clear understanding of what our role is will be my top priorities.

What are you most excited about for May's future?

May is at the crossroads of great technology and an immense need for sustainable transportation, and has found ways to take AV transit to the next level by efficiently serving populations in urban, suburban and rural areas. This provides a unique opportunity to make a mark on the way transportation services are provided across the world and is also a very attractive business proposition.

Which core value resonates the most with you? (you can pick a couple if there is a tie)

“Consider the bigger picture” resonates with me because it says that what we do at May serves a greater purpose. This gives meaning to the work we do and, as I mentioned, meaning is a very important element for me in my work.

“Drive with purpose” also speaks to my point about purpose and meaning. Additionally, it aligns with my management style, which is to unite the team with a clear, shared vision and set of goals. Once united, I can empower everyone to pursue those goals and vision, trusting that they will do what it takes to make it happen.

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