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Get to know May: Anna Brunelle, chief financial officer

We’re excited to introduce Chief Financial Officer Anna Brunelle. Her financial experience in tech and startups have prepared her to help May Mobility's efforts to grow our business and reach profitability. Read on to learn about her background and plans for her new role.

What were your roles prior to May?

Before coming to May Mobility, I served as the chief financial officer for Ouster, one of the current leaders in lidar tech. I helped lead Ouster through a successful merger in order to become a publicly traded company.

What brought you to May?

My time at Ouster really opened my eyes to the potential of autonomous technology to impact the way we live. I originally thought I’d retire after my time at Ouster but May Mobility’s unique approach to the industry caught my attention. I knew that May Mobility had a great product and I was impressed by the good work the company was already doing. Based on that, it only made sense that I should try to help the company achieve its growth and profitability goals. I can find time to relax later.

What will you be doing as CFO?

I was thrilled to meet so many exceptional people on our finance team and joined just in time to help the company cross the finish line for our Series D fundraising. Now that we’ve accomplished that, I plan to sit down with our executive team to refresh our 5-year-plan and formulate the strategies we need to execute for success. I’m so excited to help this company grow and know that we have a good chance of not only reaching profitability within those years but of becoming the leading autonomous microtransit service around the world.

What are you most excited about for May's future?

The growth! May Mobility has already been making very smart business decisions and that was part of the allure of working here. Processes that I typically see in much larger companies have already been successfully implemented. I’m free to focus on the long-term strategies that will take the money we earn and turn it around to build a greater business, a greater product and a greater future for everyone. I can’t wait to see the progress we make as we continue to grow over the next few years.

Which of May's core values resonates with you the most and why?

Consider the bigger picture because our success is measured by the positive impact of our efforts. We have a responsibility to our investors, customers, riders and our team members and their families. Autonomous technology has so much potential to change the world we live in and it’s our job to grow as a company so that we can successfully serve every kind of community based on their diverse needs and circumstances.

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