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Meet May Mobility's Third-Generation Autonomous Driving System

  • marzo 16, 2023

Meet May Mobility's third-generation autonomous driving system, another significant step on the path to May's driverless commercial operations that will improve safety, efficiency and rider satisfaction. Improvements include increased speed, tele-assist capabilities and improved detection accuracy.

May Mobility’s technology improvements benefit communities and riders in urban, suburban and rural areas who have access to cutting-edge transit. May's autonomy stack includes its third-generation vision stack, next-generation pedestrian modeling and other improvements that allow the vehicle to navigate smoothly through a variety of interactions and situations.

Video Transcription

This video does not contain any spoken dialogue.

A large group of May Mobility team members pose outside their HQ in Ann Arbor, Michigan

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Conozca al equipo que marca la diferencia en el mundo de la tecnología de vehículos autónomos y aprenda más sobre los valores fundamentales que nos mueven.

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