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Partnerships for a brighter autonomous future

  • By May Mobility
  • abril 5, 2023

Partnerships are mutually beneficial relationships. Working with our government, commercial and channel partners, we are able to achieve more, together.

It’s often said that two heads are better than one, and we believe we can deliver a better outcome by combining the strengths of multiple parties. By specializing in autonomous technology and then partnering with other companies and organizations, we can collaborate to make a more significant difference in our communities than if we went at it alone.

The May Mobility difference

We are an autonomous technology company. We don’t build cars. We don’t build transit apps. We don’t do a lot of things that are required to get our technology out of our offices and onto the road. And that’s a good thing! It means that we can focus on what we do best: developing our Multi-Policy Decision Making (MPDM) system. This business strategy helps us to allocate a greater number of resources to advancing our technology so that we can confidently develop and deploy safe, efficient Level 4 AVs.

As we look to develop partnerships with a variety of organizations, we increase our ability to scale our business according to the needs of each city and community that we enter. When we focus our resources on what we do best, we create a system of stability that allows us to grow efficiently. That growth allows us to better serve our customers and build on our strengths further while minimizing costs. And so, the cycle continues and everyone benefits: our business partners, the cities we work in and our riders.

Partnerships are mutually beneficial relationships. Working with our government, commercial and channel partners, we are able to achieve more, together. So, who are we, as an autonomous vehicle technology company, currently collaborating with?

It can be easily broken down into five groups:

  1. Transit operators

  2. Commercial organizations

  3. Fleet management/user experience software developers

  4. Influencers

  5. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)

Partnership potential

First, transit operators. We are not a robotaxi service; we do microtransit. That means that it is pivotal that we partner with cities and transit authorities to do the most good. By partnering with operators, we integrate our AVs into their existing public transit system and collaborate with them to develop the best transportation strategy. They rely on us to fill in the gaps and we help support efforts to increase ridership in both high- and low-density areas. Our deployments have shown that we can function effectively in urban, suburban and rural environments, to the benefit of many kinds of people.

Similar to transit operators, commercial organizations are trying to improve mobility for their employees and the people they serve. We’re talking about college, hospital and corporate campuses, as well as airports and planned real estate communities. Focusing in on these smaller coverage areas, an on-demand AV fleet can move people quickly and reliably to where they need to go. Whether it’s a student trying to get to class, a hospital patient being transferred to another care department, or someone else in need of transportation, they can feel confident that our AVs will get the job done.

Fleet management and user experience software developers are key to ensuring our AVs are accessible to the community. These are the partners, like TransitTech provider Via, that build the apps and systems used to connect riders with our AVs. Working together, we can pick up and drop off our passengers in an efficient manner. What’s more, these collaborations help us to increase the potential for using AVs for public transit and incorporating tools to help our riders with physical disabilities, to make sure their needs are met.

Influencer partners are those who realize the value of AV microtransit to specific communities and can act as consultants and mediators. Companies who play a key role in the development of physical communities or provide support to people within specific racial or age groups understand what different communities’ needs are. We work with influencer partners as our advocates and, in turn, we can help them to achieve their goals with reliable and equitable AV transportation.

Last, but not least, are OEM partners. While our MPDM is the brains behind the autonomous technology, OEMs develop the body. We only work with trusted manufacturers that build high-quality vehicles purposefully designed to integrate with autonomous technology. Thanks to original equipment manufacturers, you can feel confident that our AVs will get you to where you are going safely and smoothly.

Partner with us

Do you belong to or work for a city or community that could be improved with AV microtransit? Or do you have a new piece of technology or equipment that could improve the way autonomous vehicles function? Interested in partnering with us to make it happen?

Together, we can create a brighter future.

A headshot of May Mobility team member Harry Bhangal

About the Author

Harry Bhangal is the head of global channels and partnerships at May Mobility. Building mutually beneficial relationships is at the heart of what Harry does. His leadership and the partnerships he has formed have helped extend the reach and capabilities of May Mobility’s autonomous vehicle fleets globally. For over 20 years, Harry executed business development strategies with Apple and Bank of America, and at May Mobility he continues to foster long-lasting partnerships that stimulate growth for all those involved.

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