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Autonomy experts in training: May Mobility internships

  • By Karsten Kutterer
  • septiembre 13, 2023

From summer internships to year-long opportunities, we offer college students the experience of a lifetime: the opportunity to push the boundaries of autonomous technology at May Mobility.

A May Mobility vehicle with its hood up in a large warehouse

At May Mobility, education and experience go hand-in-hand to create some of the best professionals in the autonomous tech industry. That’s why each summer we look to colleges and universities to bring in new talent as part of our internship program. And don’t worry, our internships aren’t a bunch of busywork and coffee runs. But we do keep our interns busy. That’s because, whether you’re doing finance, hardware engineering or jumping into our autonomy stack, we provide real-world experience you can be excited to dive into every day.

From summer internships to year-long opportunities, we’ve been offering college students the experience of a lifetime: to work right alongside industry experts and create a brighter future through autonomous transportation. In addition to hands-on work in their preferred field, each intern will get a chance to take a look under the hood and learn from our various departments about every aspect of working for a leading autonomous vehicle company.

Here’s what a few of our recent interns had to say about their experience:

Mariam Bazzi, System & Requirement Engineering

  • What have you loved about working at May Mobility?

    Above all, the genuine support and encouragement from the team. They not only guide my professional growth as a systems engineering intern but also foster my personal interests. The dynamic environment, cutting-edge technology and mentorship have propelled my learning curve and allowed me to contribute meaningfully to projects that make a significant impact.

  • What projects have you been involved with?

    I participated in projects aimed at facilitating the transition to rider-only operations. Notably, I had the opportunity to help author use cases and requirements to guide this transition, ensuring a seamless process. I also engaged with internal stakeholders to identify opportunities to refine existing systems and processes, enabling me to gain practical insights into cross-functional collaboration and project management.

  • What have you learned that helped with your career aspirations?

    I learned the significance of cross-functional collaboration and its impact on achieving complex engineering goals. This experience has reinforced the idea that successful engineering outcomes often rely on the ability to work harmoniously with diverse teams and leverage collective expertise. This insight has taught me to prioritize collaboration as a driving force behind innovation and achieving comprehensive solutions in any career I choose to pursue.

  • Anything else you'd like to share about your internship experience?

    The friendly atmosphere, the chance to make a real impact in the world and the camaraderie with colleagues have all made May Mobility feel like a second home. It's not just about the work; it's the people and the environment that have me thrilled to be a part of the team. My internship at May Mobility has not only boosted my skills but has also given me a taste of real-world innovation and collaboration that I can't get enough of.

Mason Jarbou, Autonomous Vehicle Integration Engineering

  • What have you loved about working at May Mobility?

    I loved working at May Mobility because of the environment and the people I was working with. Everyone was always happy to help and it felt like family.

  • What projects have you been involved with?

    I worked on a few projects like improvements to May Mobility’s autonomous driving platforms, sensor calibration, and lidar performance enhancements. Working on the platform improvements was my favorite project because I knew my work was going toward something that benefits the company. May’s rider-only goal is a huge milestone for the company and I was able to help make that happen.

  • What have you learned that helped with your career aspirations?

    I’m studying electrical engineering at Lawrence Technological University. Whenever a ticket or project came up that had something to do with electrical or wiring, my manager pulled me in. My manager was focused this whole summer on getting me to work on stuff that would benefit my studies and projects I could learn from and that meant a lot to me.

  • Anything else you'd like to share about your internship experience?

    Nothing I’ve done this summer would be possible without my amazing team and manager who wanted the best for me.

Libby Schrank, Finance

  • What have you loved about working at May Mobility?

    One of the main things I loved about May Mobility was how quickly I integrated into the team and felt like a valued member. I was included in discussions and asked often about my opinions on different topics. Another thing I enjoyed was learning about such a cutting-edge industry and the technology that May is working on!

  • What projects have you been involved with?

    Two of the projects were focused on market analysis and long-range financial modeling. One of the most exciting things for me was to be able to apply the strategy concepts and lenses I learned in my classes to real-world scenarios. Additionally, I was given ownership over building up a small portion of a forecast, which gave me valuable hands-on experience!

  • What have you learned that helped with your career aspirations?

    As an incoming Masters of Accounting ‘24 student, this summer challenged me to transition into a financial analysis mentality. It was especially interesting to experience how accounting backgrounds can enhance your expertise in a financial planning & analysis (FP&A) role. Learning about different FP&A functions this summer allowed me to confirm my long-term career goals of being in finance.

  • Anything else you'd like to share about your internship experience?

    I want to thank my team for such an incredible summer! I learned so much in this position and it will be something I carry throughout my career.

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