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Why May? Better job satisfaction through passion and purpose

  • By May Mobility
  • marzo 29, 2023

If you’re looking to work in the AV industry and want to make a positive impact, May Mobility is the place for you. We want you to help us transform cities and communities around the world.

An individual wears a gray hoodie with a May Mobility logo on the back and leans against on a concrete wall on a sunny city street

By Sarah Petrik, Head of Recruiting Operations, May Mobility

Since we first opened our doors in 2017, we have centered ourselves around building the trust of our employees and customers by doing what’s right. Just take a peek at our company values. We believe the people we work with are crucial to realizing our vision of a safer, greener, more accessible world through our autonomous vehicle (AV) microtransit. When it comes to our hiring strategy, we strive to establish a workplace culture of empathy, empowerment and growth. To achieve job satisfaction, we start by creating a sense of purpose. Whether you’re a part of the autonomy team, the finance team or somewhere in between, our vision of the future drives us to succeed.

The future we’re working toward

When you work with us, it’s about much more than cool tech. The work you will do at May Mobility has the potential to change the world we live in. Our focus on AV microtransit can increase reliable access to transportation across the world, especially for underserved communities. In very little time, we’ve successfully given more than 320,000 rides across the U.S. and Japan in urban, suburban and rural environments and our efforts have earned us a spot as a Y Combinator Top Company for three consecutive years.

While we help so many people experience improved mobility, our goal is to also change the way that cities are built and grow. If we can make on-demand AV microtransit the norm and encourage more people to share rides and decrease car ownership, we can create healthier and greener communities. That’s why we heavily invest in every one of our employees as they work to make our vision of a safer, greener and more accessible world a reality.

Employees are an investment

When we look at the big picture, we hire amazing talent and then help them continue to develop and grow. Whether they work remotely or in the office, we provide the tools, resources and flexibility our employees need to continue honing their skills. And our commitment to learning and development doesn’t end there. At May, our leadership knows that to instill a growth mindset and empower our workforce, there must be trust. When you are given room to grow and are trusted to work in the way that’s best for you, you can set your feet more firmly as a part of this company and achieve your goals. It may not always be easy, but investing in our employees is part of our recipe for better job satisfaction and stability.

And at the end of the day, we don’t just offer a job where you can feel secure. Doing the right thing means that we have created a workplace where you feel encouraged, inspired and, most importantly, appreciated. Our company values are not just a bunch of words on our website; each employee works hard to make them an integral part of our culture. We celebrate each other through our interactions, both in person and virtually. And we make sure to take care of all our employees through various benefits that improve quality of life, including flexible unlimited vacation, lunches covered by us, wellness programs and even up to 12 weeks of paid parental leave with meal reimbursements. When we combine that with fulfilling work that helps people to find freedom through improved mobility, it’s easy to see why Forbes recognized us as one of America's Best Startup Employers.

A deliberately built workforce

The economy has changed drastically since the peak of last year. That’s why we aim to be very intentional about each person we hire. We don’t get caught up in the chaos of mass hiring or market trends, grabbing at anybody available for hire. Our leadership team knows where we are, where we need to be and the types of employees we need to hire to get there. We are deliberate in identifying our needs, calculated in selecting the best person for the job and intentional in paying competitively based on experience and geography. And by scaling our business appropriately, setting realistic headcount goals throughout the year and budgeting accordingly, we are a company that is proud of our intentional and sustainable growth.

So, if you’re looking to work in the AV industry and want to make a positive impact, May Mobility is the place for you. We are always looking to hire within a variety of positions as we work to make our vision a reality. To become a MAYniac—which we define as “a person with an inordinate or ungovernable enthusiasm for making the world safer, greener and more accessible through autonomous technology”—and help us transform cities and communities around the world, take a look at our career opportunities and apply today.

A headshot of May Mobility team member Sarah Petrik

About the Author

Sarah Petrik is the head of recruiting operations at May Mobility. Her leadership and direction have helped her team to successfully source and attract top talent from around the globe, growing May to just over 300 strong. As a natural relationship builder, Sarah has worked in recruitment for more than ten years, engaging with talent across a variety of industries. She has her BA in Marketing from Valparaiso University and a Masters in Strategic Leadership from the University of Delaware.

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